2.1 NBC Competitions 2020

Details of club competitions

Dates of 2020 Club Competitions:

The format of each competition will be announced nearer the date.

Saturday 29th February - Drawn Doubles- Cancelled due to green and weather conditions.

Sunday 5th April - Drawn Doubles - Cancelled.

Saturday 18th April - Cancelled.

Saturday 9th May - Cancelled.

Saturday 27th June - Cancelled.

Saturday 25th July - Cancelled

Sunday 2nd August - Drawn Seeded Doubles.
    Congratulations to David Airey and Phil Larkin who beat Andy Blackman and Ted Leather 21-6 in the final.

Sunday 23rd August - the 20th Roy Larkin competition - Handicapped singles. To be played over 1 or 2 days depending on number of entries.
    Congratulations to Dave Mitchell who beat Ted Leather in the final.

Saturday 5th September - Ian Hutton Round Robin Doubles.

Risk Assessment Actions for Club Competitions:

Coronavirus Risk Assessment – for General green use and Drawn Doubles Club Competitions.


Actions to mitigate against risk

Person Responsible

Timetable for Implementation

Monitoring Risk


Person to person infection

Social distancing – unless playing with members of family / household bubble maintain 2 metres social distancing.

Drawn doubles club competition – max 3 x doubles matches on green. Players to return 'jack' from another game if deemed too close (eg within 4 metres).

Face coverings can be worn by any players who feel vulnerable.

All players


All players


Infection from contact with equipment

Players should bring their own equipment, bowls, jacks

and mat where possible. This should avoid inter group

contact. Equipment should be cleaned prior to and after

a session. 

In drawn doubles club competition non-seeded player to lead with own jack, seeded players to provide mat and bowl last.  

Scoreboards/ pens/ clipboards should be cleaned prior to change of scorer.

Wash/disinfect hands after each match and on return home.

All players


All players

Clubroom / Washroom.

Infection from surface contact in Clubroom

Clubroom for use of toilet and handwashing only. Only 1 person allowed in the clubroom at one time, must clean surfaces after use according to instructions and with materials provided.

Competition administrators to clean surfaces including washroom, door handles, light switches etc with antiseptic wipes every hour.

All players / competition administrators


All players

Green surrounds.

Infection from person-to-person or surface contact.

Max 30 members on and around the green. Only 1 person (or family / household bubbles) to sit on a bench and must not use another bench during the session/competition. Standing spectators to social distance at 2 metres. Clubroom chairs not available, players/spectators to bring own folding chairs if required.

Face coverings can be worn by any players/spectators who feel vulnerable.

Wash/disinfect hands on return home.

All players


All players