News and Key Dates


Issued 5th November 2020:

Annual Accounts.

You will be aware that in light of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic we decided to postpone the NBC AGM until February/March 2021 in the hope that the situation might have improved thereby giving us a clearer picture of what lies in store for 2021.

The Annual Accounts for the financial year ending 31st October 2020 have been prepared, along with an explanatory note for those people who find Balance Sheets a bit of a 'turn-off'! Andy Blackman has sent out a copy to all members. If you have not received your copy please email Remember to check your SPAM folder for a response.

Green Closure.

Members who played in the final competition of the season a week or two ago may recall that there was some 'chatter' about the possibility of re-opening the green following Wayne's annual autumn treatment. Discussions with Wayne suggested that this wouldn't be in the best interests of the green so it was decided to close the green for the winter period.

As it happens Bowling of any sort is not allowed during this month-long 'lockdown' situation. Although some sports are exempted from the restrictions Bowling is not one of them.

Key Dates in 2020:

Wednesday 15th January at 7:30pm - Committee Meeting in the Cricket Club

Friday 24th January - Pre Season Quiz Night, Pie and Peas and Presentations at 7:00pm in Netherfield Cricket Club.

Saturday 15th February - Green opens

Sunday 5th April - NBC Drawn Doubles - Cancelled

Sunday 5th April - K&DBL Super 32 - Cancelled

Monday 6th April - South Westmorland Seniors season starts - Cancelled

Tuesday 7th April - K&DBL season starts - Cancelled

Saturday 18th April - NBC Club Competition - Cancelled

Friday 24th April - Rural season starts - Cancelled

Saturday 25th April - Open Doubles - Cancelled

Saturday 9th May - NBC Club Competition - Cancelled

Sunday 10th May - Cumbria Senior Merit - download details from the link at the bottom of this page - Cancelled

Saturday 23rd May - Open Doubles - Cancelled

Sunday 14th June - Open Doubles - Cancelled

Saturday 27th June - NBC Club Competition - Cancelled

Friday 3rd July - Over 60s Open Doubles - Cancelled

Saturday 25th July - NBC Club Competition - Cancelled

Sunday 2nd August - Drawn Seeded Doubles - Social Distancing rules apply - see NBC Competitions page.

Saturday 22nd / Sunday 23rd August - NBC Roy Larkin singles competition - Social Distancing rules apply.

Friday 21st August - Rural League season ends

Sunday 23rd August - Charter Open Doubles - Cancelled

Monday 31st August - President's Cup - Social Distancing rules apply.

Monday 31st August - South Westmorland Seniors season ends

Thursday 3rd September - K&DBL season ends

Friday 4th September - Rural David Skidmore competition starts

Saturday 5th September - NBC Club Competition - Ian Hutton Round Robin.

Saturday 12th September - Club Drawn Seeded Doubles - Social Distancing rules apply.

Saturday 19th September - Club handicapped singles - Social Distancing rules apply.

Saturday 3rd October - Club handicapped singles - Social Distancing Rules apply - Cancelled.

TBA September - Kendal Victoria Floodlit Doubles commences.

Saturday 19th September - K&DBL Divisions 4/5/6 Championship events

Sunday 20th September - K&DBL Divisions 1/2/3 Championship events

Saturday 17th October - Club handicapped single - social distancing rules apply.

Wednesday 21st October at 7:30pm - pre AGM committee meeting - postponed to February / March.

Saturday 24th October - Green closes

Wednesday 30th October at 7:30pm - AGM in Netherfield Cricket Club - postponed to February / March

Friday 20th November at 7:00pm - End of Season Do with "The Jetsons" - Cancelled